WMP54G on Windows 7

So I just upgraded my computer today with an nVidia 970GTX so that I can play Grand Theft Auto V.  However, this caused two problems:

  1. I couldn’t fit the card into my case
  2. The new case had a different configuration, so I had to move my wireless card to a different PCI slot.

When that happened, Windows freaked out.  Completely lost its sense of drivers, so my wireless wasn’t working.  How to get it to work(note: this is from memory, some of this wording is not exact):

  1. Go to Device Manager
  2. Right-click on the network device, go to ‘Update Driver Software’
  3. Go to ‘Browse My computer’
  4. Click ‘Let me pick from already existing drivers’
  5. Go to ‘Network Devices’
  6. Scroll down to Ralink Technology
  7. Select the ‘Wireless LAN a/g PCI card’
  8. Install the drivers
  9. Get on the internet!

Now time for GTA V!

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