What the heck, Discovery?

You guys used to be so good. You had a bunch of interesting shows that really let me learn a lot about the world. And now you do crap like mermaids, and now megalodon shark attacks on boats in South Africa.  WHAT THE FUCK?!  Look, I’m all for being entertained, but when I’m watching Discovery, Animal Planet, heck any channel that is owned by Discovery, I’m not looking for entertainment.  I’m looking to learn.

I think that these shows do have a place in the world.  But when you make shows like these, don’t film them as pseudo-documentaries, or “mockumentaries” as people call them.  They should be about possible things that happen.  You guys should be there to help promote thinking about what is there, and what used to be there.  None of this fake crap that you’re putting out there now – it’s frankly insulting.

I know that you guys make enough money as it is.  This is just retarded that you’re doing something like this.  If you want to do something about megalodon, that’s fine.  Let’s do it in a way that lets people learn about megalodon, like what it could have been like.  Also, I don’t want actors playing biologists or anything, get real biologists out there to tell us this stuff.  You do a great disservice to all of us when there are people pretending to be biologists when they really aren’t.

Also, History Channel, I’m looking at you too.  I don’t really have anything against Pawn Stars or American Pickers, because they can be good shows about showing off items from history.  But when I hear crap like Pawn Stars having an item on the show that is in a museum currently, well, that’s just stupid as well.  Again, not that there’s anything wrong with the show itself per se, but when it’s blatantly obvious that they’re not actually buying or selling anything then we have a bit of an issue here.

TruTV, you’re not so good yourself.  I don’t really watch you anymore.  Except for maybe World’s Dumbest.  That’s actually amusing since it’s not really staged, it’s just people making sarcastic comments and mocking dumb people.

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    • This is true. But since Animal Planet is owned by Discovery, I don’t see much difference between the two stations except for what they focus on.

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