Software Licences

So I came across this article via Slashdot today, and I figured that I’d post some thoughts on my programming utils and their license.

The part that I really noticed was:

…younger developers may be choosing more permissive licenses as a way of pushing back against what they see as a “permission culture.” They prefer to let other developers just do whatever they want with their code – and, rightly or wrongly, this might be a reason why many projects are released with no license whatsoever.

This is basically what I was going for.  I don’t care what people use my software for.  It is there for people to use.  In that regard, the WTFPL may be a better choice, but I’m comfortable enough with the MIT license.  As long as proper credit is given, that is good enough for me.  The code is released in the hope that it will make other people’s lives easier.

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